Friday, February 18, 2011


My cousin Jeni is participating in a pageant soon. A few days ago I went to a mock interview with her so I could take notes on how she was answering the questions. One of the things an interviewer told her was to think of two people who inspire her. One has to be a woman that is not a family member and the other a character from a book. I've been thinking about these two people who might have inspired me in my life.

First: a woman. I've always loved and admired Coco Chanel. I know I'm not all that into the latest fashion, but Coco Chanel is a huge inspiration to me. When she was little, her mother died and her father shortly left her and her little sister all alone in the world. Coco, then Gabrielle, took it upon herself to take care of her sister. She had nothing. No job, no money, no schooling. Gabrielle worked her way up the chain, taking many many risks and using her skills to become one of the most famous fashion designers of all time. She took huge risks--wearing pants when women were only wearing skirts and sewing with jersey material when only male workers wore that kind of cloth. Her sister died when they were both very young, and Coco was able to pull through. I admire her strength and courage very much.

Second: a character from a book. A favorite book of mine is called Red Midnight by Ben Mikaelsen. In this book the main character, Santiago, inspires me. He too was forced to take care of a little sister after both of his parents died from a guerrilla attack in Guatemala. Santiago sails across the sea to America with his sister to find freedom. I've always admired Santiago's courage and love here too. He keeps himself alive to save his sister because he knows she will not survive without him. Through all of his trials like escaping the village, learning to sail, encountering pirates, and maintaining food level for his sister and himself, Santiago remains hopeful of a better life. In the end, he accomplishes his task and finds a better life for his sister.

I admire these people who are faced with so many hard things in their life and pull through them. I know everyone has trials in their lives. What defines a person is how well they pull through--and if they can pull through them. When I look at other's trials, I see how good my own life is. I have so many blessings, and often I don't even recognize them. One of my favorite songs I sing in church often is called 'Count Your Many Blessings.' It states, "count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done." So, here it goes. My top ten blessings as of today.

1. Family
2. Parents who raised me with love and everything I could ask for
3. My aunt and uncle
4. A house to live in
5. The gospel in my life
6. Food!
7. My car
8. Temples close to me
9. The education I have received
10. A job. Especially in this economy

I feel like I should be having turkey tonight :)

Overall, I'm grateful for where I am in life. I'm grateful for all of the blessings Heavenly Father has chosen to give me. I'm grateful that I have both of my parents in my life and my brothers and sister are all healthy and doing well. I'm grateful for the knowledge that I will live with my family forever, even after we die in this life. I am grateful for Christ, who suffered for my sins and sicknesses. I know that I am a child of God and that He knows me and loves me.


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