Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Semana 3

We have a really cool investigator. His name is M. He used to do drugs and drink a lot. Now he just smokes and drinks coffee. Last week we taught him the word of wisdom and he said he was going to stop smoking and drinking coffee. This week we told him he was going to stop drinking coffee on wednesday and he was like--why wednesday? Why so soon?!

We told him how much we believe that Christ can help him. How we know that through Jesus Christ, we can have the strength we need to overcome whatever obstacle is in our way.

Wednesday morning at eight he called us to tell us that HE DIDN´T DRINK COFFEE!! And that he never will again!! I love to see the strength people have when they put their trust in Christ.

Confide: Have the certainty, belief, or faith in something, above all in God and in Jesus Christ. In a spiritual sense, confide means to absolutely depend on God and in His Spirit.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Hunt


¨In case the flies¨ here means ¨just in case¨

¨Capitulo 14 de Predicad Mi Evangelio: Conquistar para Bautizar!!¨ What my district leader told me when I told him everyone is offering me marriage. We´ve got a few creepers we´ve been teaching.

4959. Cleaning come chilis.

4987. Meet Mauricio. He´s our friend. He thinks he´s eight years old and works for the traffic control. He tells everyone they´re going to jail. We found out that he does NOT like pictures.

4981. I love this time of year in Chihuahua.

4974. All of my shoes are broken!!

4968. I am so ¨JAPI¨ so so happy.

4971. J.

4955. Notice the lady in the backround? hahaha :D

4973. sunset

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