Tuesday, August 14, 2012

math + people = economics.

PEOPLE!! I have it figured out!!!! I know what I'm majoring in! I know it's right this time! It has been confirmed. Finally. I haven't really known what I was supposed to do for a long time now, and no matter what I picked, I had doubts. I didn't feel like that major was right, so I chose another, but that one didn't feel right either. However, I've chosen now...and it's right!! What a relief. You wanna know what it is? Prepare to be the most suprised you've ever been. I know I'm more suprised than I ever have been that I like this stuff. It's ECONOMICS! What?!?! I know. I'm freakin out. It's so right though! I will graduate spring quarter. That's three more quarters! I could've been done by now if I had known this was the right major, but I learned a lot of things along the way that I wouldn't have learned had I not taken this path. So yeah. Economics.

Mostly I like math. (Weird, eh?) I also like the study of people. Math + people = economics. Kind of. Haha. Economics just combines everything I like into something I love!

It's great to know what I'm supposed to be doing with myself.

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