Sunday, May 8, 2011

i love you mom.

What makes a mother good? What makes her mission successful?

My mother is just great. I would say the greatest, but that is what everyone says about their mom and it becomes a little cliche. Or a lot. So she's just great. And by just, I mean amazingly wonderfully.

I've been taking this career class in school and they keep asking us what our mission is in life. I guess I can see everyone else's missions, but not my own. I can see my mom's mission, and every day she takes a step closer to accomplishing it. I've also been thinking about how my life has made me dislike children. I get to see a lot of snotty nosed brats working retail and being in Utah. However, when my sister in law had Stryker, I fell in love. I think being around him from the beginning of his life and seeing him growing up gave me a deep love for him. I love that kid with all my heart. We used to just fall asleep together on the couch when he was a little baby and we would take hour long naps. I guess when I see those kids come in to work or when I have to deal with kids in other situations, that loving bond is not present.

I have always felt that bond from my mom. I have always known that she loves me, and that is something that sets her apart from a lot of other moms--the fact that she does love me, and that I knew and know through her actions that she does.

I am so grateful for her. I'm grateful that she put up with me when I was so little that I told lies that were completely obvious. I'm grateful that she allowed me to dream, and that she taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be. I'm grateful that she put up with me through my teenage years of PMS and hormones. Man even just that was a huge accomplishment. I'm grateful that even now, I can call her and get her advice that helps me to know just what to do. I'm grateful that I can feel her love for me through just the simple things she does every day that she probably doesn't even realize she's doing, but that make a huge difference to me.

Just a few childhood memories:

I used to come home from school crying. Often actually. My mom would just sit with me on my bed and hug me until I would tell her what was wrong. And then she would sit there and hug me more.

When I needed a friend, my mom wouldn't say anything but "Do you want to go shopping?" and it would take my mind off of things. My mom became my best friend. Most girls go shopping with their friends, and I did some of that, but mostly I just loved to shop with my mom. And that is another thing that sets her apart from other moms.

When I fell on glass or cut my eyebrow and was bleeding all over the place, my mom cleaned it up.

My mom got all five kids to church every stinkin week without my dad being there in the morning. Every week. On top of that, she would have a young women or primary lesson planned for her class that very day. What an astounding woman.

When my little brother was old enough and in school, my mom went back to school herself to pursue a passion she had had for a while and had put aside to raise a family. She achieved a degree while constantly being annoyed by five kids while she was trying to do homework.

My mom is a bishop's wife. That says a lot. How hard and taxing it is! She does it wonderfully. She sacrifices so much to help my dad in his calling. She also supports him in everything he does. When there is a need in the ward, my mom will give up her luxuries to give to them.

Those experiences are just a few. And by few, I mean a terrible representation of eighteen years of my life where my mom did these things over and over for me.

My mom is the sweetest, most beautiful, selfless, generous person I know. I love you mom. I always have and I always will. Happy mothers day.

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