Saturday, April 2, 2011

beauty lies all around.

This made my day soooo good. Lily Ann. :) :) :)

Today was my last day of NOT working as a Customer Service Manager. Next week I start! Everyone at work has been telling me how they wouldn't want the job. I guess mean people don't get to me as much as others. Some of the people at work will take angry customers personally and it makes them feel horrible. I'm not that way. Speaking of angry and horrible customers, yesterday I got a lady who wanted to make a return, but her receipt was from April of 2010!! We don't even carry the product anymore! She got so mad at me when all I was trying to do was help her! The old man behind her was just like, "jeez it's not your fault!" to me. I love old men. Haha. I had this one old guy a while ago that said, loud and clear, "are all your customers that rude and inconsiderate?" right in front of the lady. Oh goodness.

Today was so sunshiney and happy. Yay.

I went to Harbor Freight the other day (thank you dad for telling me where the cheapest tools were located) and bought me some wrenches and socket wrenches. I fixed my car! No more problems. Sweetness.

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I AM NOW!!.........sometimes