Friday, April 15, 2011

finally some springish summerish sunshine. ish.

I'm really sad that my institute class is almost over. That class has taught me so much! In just a few short months I have been inspired so much more than even Brother Toth's four years he had with me in high school. And I thought Brother Toth's class was amazing! I have learned much much more about Christ than I have ever before. A lot of that has been my own personal study because I was inspired to study up at home as well. I only have two class periods left, and I will really miss it.

Work. I go home happy now. I love my new position. I've been making a lot of little mistakes, but I haven't had any training on the position like what I am actually in charge of or what I am supposed to do in this situation. I have observed the other CSM while I was on a register and everything, but not really in depth or I haven't paid that much attention because my job was different from hers. Nevertheless, I am learning the ways and I will get to a point where I don't let any mistakes by. I just have done things like forget to vaccum earlier than the announcement of closing or lock money in the drawer instead of giving it straight to a manager. Or not knowing that I was in charge of putting the sliding doors on one-way when we are closed so customers wouldn't get in. Or leaving the droors closed at the end of the night instead of open so the office lady can get to it in the morning. Or...haha the list goes on. I haven't made the same mistake twice though--so I am learning :)


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