Friday, March 25, 2011

rested and ready to rock and roll :]

In institute we were talking about how a house becomes a home because of the people who live in it. An empty house is not much of a home! I was thinking about that thought a lot while I was sitting in the temple this morning. The temple is Heavenly Father's home because He dwells there. If He was not there, it would just be a pretty, but empty building. I like the thought that Heavenly Father makes it His home because He is there. I was also thinking about our bodies being temples. In primary class they would always pound into our brains that our bodies were temples. Now I finally know why. Heavenly Father dwells with us--and that is really what makes our body a temple--Heavenly Father is always with us.

OH OH OH OH OH!! I know what I'm forgetting to tell you!!! I got a free pillow AND a free 3-piece knife set from RCWilley! I just went in and asked for them and they gave them to me for FREE. I didn't realize how much my old pillow was disrupting my sleep! I slept on the new pillow (the FREEEE one!) and did not wake up the entire night! I am so rested and happy. Happy happy happy. Free free free. YAY.

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