Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have never been any good at saying what I want to say in only one word or one sentence. I have never had a talent with words. Making things so short never leaves me fully satisfied :) So here it goes: an explanation of a few of my favorites from my last post.

First. Spring gardening. This is actually a picture of my garden back at home from last year. I wanted to explain that the plant in the front was peppermint, and whenever you touched it to weed it or harvest it you would end up smelling like a peppermint weed for the rest of the night. I never really used that plant, but I liked it! Also, behind the peppermint there are the cutest little sprouts I have ever seen--asparagus. My first attempt at growing asparagus. They never grew big enough to eat! But they were SO INCREDIBLY CUTE. Gardening makes me so happy! It's a big deal.

Second. My favorite instrument is the ukulele. I have NEVER been able to pull another instrument off, but I'm not too shabby at the ukulele. I'm always getting better, but I know I will never go anywhere with it. I am so musically challenged that it's sad. The pictured ukulele is my very own baby, all pineappley and grown up.

C. Longboarding. This is definitely not a picture of me, although I have been thinking of getting a new board. The warm weather makes me anxious to get outside and feel the wind on my face! I am kind of a hopeless longboarder though--I know I will never be any good at that either. I love it though!

Fourth. Out of all of the music on my mp3 and all the music I have heard in my life, I have to say my favorite singer is Tyrone Wells. His music always makes me happy, and it never gets old. I have been to a couple of his concerts, and he always seems like a really nice guy!

Explanation: complete.

In other news, my brand spankin new niece will be born on the 31st or sometime close after. I'm REALLY excited!! The close date makes me miss my sister and Emma a lot. I guess Emma is up and taking a few steps now. I hate not being home when my niece and nephew are growing up. I'm missing all of the fun!

And. I miss my mom.


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Kate said...

You're one of the only people I know that could call asparagus cute :] I miss your face.