Thursday, September 12, 2013

ten ways my mission fund has increased.

I have known I have wanted to go on a mission now for a long time, and subsequently, I have worried about having the funds to go on a mission for a long time now. Having enough money to serve has been a prayer in my heart for the last three years--especially because I used a lot of my money to make it through school. My dad lost his job at the end of last year and has only worked a little since, so my parents have not been able to help me. I also lost my insurance at that time, so any medical or dental visits had to be out-of-pocket. However, I have been blessed with funds since the time I started to pray to Heavenly Father that I would have the money to serve a mission. Here are the experiences I have had and recognized:

1. I got a job. The only reason I got that job was because I just happened to go in when a random man was doing the hiring for the random hour I went in, and that random man just happened to have gone to the same random community college as I had all the way up in Washington. Coincidence? I think not.

2. When I moved back to Washington, the only position open in my company was the frame shop part-timer. Of course I had been training in my Utah store's frame shop for about four weeks by then. I had never had an interest in framing, but the position was thrown at me in Utah, and was a huge blessing when I needed to move. I would not have gotten a job so quickly in Washington had I not had the previous training. The job at my company paid for my Bachelor's Degree, and I even had some money left over after graduating.

3. I got a scholarship. Without even applying for one. It covered a fifth of my tuition expenses each quarter.

4. I got a second job. I started tutoring economics. I wasn't even an economics major when I got the job. I knew nothing about economics! The job was given to me though, and provided a small additional income to what I was already making at my other job.

5. I got a raise. I had been praying for a long time to have enough money for my mission before I got a raise. It was a huge blessing to me.

6. My car is still running (MIRACLE), providing me a way to and from work, school, and church activities.

7. My doctor did not charge me for the visit that missionaries have to make in order to apply for a mission. While I still paid for tests and shots, the sitting fee was waived by my doctor because I am a missionary. What a blessing!! My dentist also filled one of my cavities for free. Also a wonderful blessing.

8. As school was coming to an end, I knew I would have to delay putting my papers in because I didn't have the money. I prayed that I would be able to come up with the funds. My grandparents called the next week and donated $100 per month.

9. My sister purchased all my toiletry supplies needed for the mission with coupons, and will not let me pay her back for the items she bought.

10. Yesterday in my morning prayer, I prayed that I would be able to come up with the rest of my mission money. I was falling about $50 a month short on what I needed. As I was getting in to my car to go to work, I thought to myself: "I'll just keep working and paying my tithing, and everything will work out." When I got off work, my dad told me that my neighbors offered me fifty dollars a month for my mission, that they had both been thinking about donating for a while, but hadn't talked to each other about it yet. Exactly what I had prayed about that morning.

I know that God answers prayers. In these past few years especially, I have seen miracles. Every item in this list of ten miracles was an event that happened after I had prayed. Every event happened right after I had asked my Heavenly Father to help me with my finances. There are other small experiences as well that have helped to pay for my mission. It is so amazing that Heavenly Father takes the time to care about ME. Me personally. As an individual. As His daughter. I am so incredibly thankful for all the people who have contributed to my mission fund! I am so excited to serve the Lord :)


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