Wednesday, April 4, 2012

shining countenance.

A few recent moments in my life have changed me so completely, so wholly, and so amazingly that my life has not been the same since. I want to share a few of those moments with you today.

When I was eighteen, I had an institute teacher that converted to the LDS church at nineteen. At the time of the class, he was then forty-nine. For thirty years, that man had NEVER missed a day of reading his scriptures. Ever. He had such a light in his eyes. He was so faithful. He read his scriptures every single day. From that time on, I have placed reading my scriptures very highly. Not reading them every day is just not an option. There is so much good in those books, why not have a spiritual experience every day by immersing yourself in them? After that class, I was never the same. Something changed in me. A desire. A dream. To read every single day, until I was at least forty-nine, telling young people with the Spirit of God blazing in my eyes that I never missed a day reading my scriptures. How amazing and wonderful. How faithful and exemplary. I am not, and I will never be, the same.

I broke my foot during the last few weeks of my senior year in high school. Having a broken foot was then the hardest thing I had ever done. I felt hopeless, like I could not do anything on my own. I am a very independent person, and having to rely on others is very hard for me. However, something I have realized recently about myself is that I wouldn't change any experience I have had in my life. I would not change the things I have been through. God gives us trials, and He gives us blessings. All of our experiences are for our own learning on this earth. While breaking my foot was very hard for me, I learned a lot about who I was and about the Savior in those low times. I have a lot of trials in my life right now, but I am grateful for them. I do not let them get me down like I felt when I broke my foot. Breaking my foot taught me that.

I spent two quarters at Brigham Young University. How I miss that short time. Those few months taught me who I was--what I was good at, what I could improve on, and what I saw in myself. I learned to be completely honest in all dealings. One hundred percent. I learned that "all is well." I found my faith. I felt the Spirit. I attended the temple regularly. I experimented in communicating with others. I grew in more ways than I can tell. Yeah, I hated the "school" side of it because I hate school, but the months I spent at BYU were the best of my life. They were stressful months of working and studying late, but looking back now I see how much I grew then and how much that experience shaped who I am now.

I am changing a lot right now. They say these years are the prime of your life, and I believe it. Expect another post like this in the future--my views on life are definitely getting better.

"A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her."

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